Previously Published Articles

Your Guide to a Productive First Garden Experience by Wendy Keslick

Vertical Gardening – Taking It to New Heights by Wendy Keslick

Composting – Turning Waste into Black Gold  by Wendy Keslick

Eid Marks the End of Ramadan, But Not the End of Our Journey by Wendy Keslick and Rana Bushreida

7 Ramadan Tips for Non-Muslims by Wendy Keslick

What We All Need to Know About Exercise and Diabetes. by Salaheddin Sharif and Wendy Keslick

​The People of Afghanistan Have a Story to Tell by Wendy Keslick
Before the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan in 1978, it was a flourishing country that attracted tourists from around the world. It was a moderate Muslim country with a “live and let live” philosophy.

Good Health, Relationships, Enlightenment—These Things Take Time by Wendy Keslick
In our modern society there is an expectation of instant satisfaction in nearly every aspect of our lives. We must remember that for many things, the process—the waiting—is part of the journey, part of the learning. It is the process that teaches us and it is the mechanism through which we experience growth.

Get Your Greens and a Whole Lot More! by Wendy Keslick

Chia Without the Ch-Ch-Ching by Wendy Keslick

Libya – What it Means to Fight for Hope by Wendy Keslick
During this auspicious time of honoring their revolution, Libyans wholeheartedly reflected on their past, visualized their future, and joined voices in new calls to action. As they continue to forge ahead, the proud people that they are – on the road to freedom, security, and prosperity – they continue to be fueled by the inspiration of those who gave their lives for this chance.

Evolve Your Valentine’s Day by Wendy Keslick
Wouldn’t it be incredibly beneficial for society if we were to change the focus from the love of our lover on Valentine’s Day, to the love of all humanity? Because really, that, relationship, between each and everyone of us, beyond borders, religions, ethnicities, cultures, is not always very solid or love-filled.

Love Surrounds Us by Wendy Keslick
We must be willing to participants-givers and receivers – of a larger and more expansive love, a bigger love, a universal love – that exists beyond belief systems and beyond borders. We all have this capacity to give and receive love unconditionally. We just need to open our hearts and allow the love to flow and recognize the oneness that unites all of us.

Hope for Humanity in the Heart of Jenin by Wendy Keslick
A story about the tragic death of a 12-year old Palestinian boy, who was killed by an Israeli soldier and his father’s decision to donate his organs to 6 Israeli recipients. Struggle, conflict, courage, life, love, and the human spirit – it’s all there.

Benghazi: Choosing to Focus on the Truth We Share by Wendy Keslick

A touching and important read about Libyans and Americans coming together to create friendship, peace, and a more enlightened global community following the embassy attack in Benghazi.